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Time to saddle up, pardner, and hit the trail to action in the Olde West, from the Comanche Wars (1836) to Wounded Knee (1890). While it's true that western exploration started before that time and continued into the early 1900’s, AOW focuses on the 19th Century. If you want to replay the Gunfight at the OK Corral you're in the right place. AOW is a skirmish rules set designed for 25-28mm miniatures but can be played using 10-15mm, or even 30-40mm minis, without any changes. All the popular weapons, such as the Winchester ’73 and Colt Peacemaker, are included in the weapon charts. Firing is a quick six-sided attacker die versus six-sided defender die, with the difference determining the result. Includes six pages of 'army' lists: cowboys, US cavalry, native Americans, gunfighters, outlaws, and others in the rules, scenarios, and quick reference cards. Plays well on a small 4’ x 4’ kitchen table. So, saddle up pardner and enjoy! Order From OMM Red Button Above

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